Marketing, Advertising, & Sales Systems

How is your website performing?

Is your website closing sales? Digital Geeks works with you to transform your business's marketing and advertising efforts into sales.

Our Services

We provide sales consulting and implementation services.

We develop custom sales strategies geared towards increasing business sales, while

decreasing manual efforts to close sales. Companies tend to think marketing, advertising, and sales are the same thing - they're not. If your business is ready to focus on sales, Digital Geeks will create an automated sales system on your behalf.

Online Booking

Can your customers:

Book without requesting a quote?

Book without a consultation?

Book without submitting a Contact Us form?

Online Sales

Can your customers:

Schedule services online?

Pay online?

Receive automated text and email updates?

Sales Strategy

Can your business:

Close sales 24/7?

Correlate ad spend to sales?

Correlate SEO to sales?

Our Process

We automate online sales. Your process to get started with us is no different.

Complete the following steps to get started today:

Step 1. Take your company assessment.

Step 2. Read the proposal.

Step 3. Read and sign the contract.

Step 4. Make your initial payment.

Step 5. Schedule your first strategy session to get started with your automated sales system.


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